Trends in human resource management

Human resource management is about bringing together the workforce and the organization to meet the organization’s goal and in due course meet the goals of the employees too. The role of the HR manager is important in an organization.


Gone are the days that they focus only on recruitment and payroll. Now they need to be the change agent of the organization to bring in the change needed in the organization. Their relationship with the employees has to be smooth and motivating in order to bring in the necessary changes. It is not possible to achieve that goal without proper relationship.

Recent trends in the organizations are to become people centric. Issues related to the employees are to be focused more. Thus the roles of HR professionals are being redefined. Six-sigma practices are being implemented in the organization so that the services and the products offered are defect free with minimum cost. Human resource outsourcing is also looked at as an option in the organizations. With human resource tasks outsourced the HR department is looked at as redundant.


Professionals move across the globe and the opportunities for talented employees are many. They tend to move out of the organization even to the other part of the globe. Hence retaining the existing talented employees has become the order of the day. HR initiatives are taken to retain the existing talents in the organizations.


With the globe shrunk like a village with the emerging technologies, employees with multiple talents are in demand. Screening of employees is also complex as they want the employees to adapt to changing environments globally. Performance appraisal has become complex as the employees work in home country and host country. Two sources are to be considered for appraisal.


Such trends globally make the tasks of the HR personnel very demanding and complex. They have to train themselves to face all these challenges and in turn train the employees so that they are employed anywhere in the globe.

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