Tools used for simple document management system

We all know that a document management system is sure to improve the efficiency of an organization and the productivity of the individuals. It is not necessary that individuals have to go for a full fledged document management system to improve their efficiency in handling documents.

For example a user who uses his computer at home and who is an author or a researcher can use some other means for simple document management. There are many software products out there available for free and for a small price that are sure to increase your productivity at office and home. We will look at some of them that will increase your efficiency.


A simple document management system at home can include a reader to view the PDF files. It is would be a added advantage if you also have the feature to create PDF files from the document you have. This would enable you to store the content you have in PDF format and distribute to others so that you can be assured that your content is safe as it is while distributed. An Adobe Acrobat is software that enables you to create PDF files from the content you have.


You can even save the web pages that you browse into PDF documents. Some of the web pages might not be there after a month but the information in that might be needed for you for later reference. In that case you can convert them to PDF document using the Adobe Acrobat. For this you have to buy the full version of the software. With the full version you can add other media files to the document you create and password protect it.


For organizing the documents in your system you can go for software like Knorg called the Knowledge Organizer. With this software you can manage the documents in your system and categorize them. Attaching tags to the documents is also easy with this Knorg so that you can retrieve document by performing a tag search. Peer-to-peer sharing is also enabled in this software.


For converting the paper documents you have to digital form you need to have a scanner that can scan the documents. OCR software can extract content from images and store in the database for searching content. The other software you might need is to have a desktop search engine like Google Desktop or Yahoo Desktop. There is also other desktop search engine that enables you to retrieve documents easily and quickly. Many freeware for performing all the above tasks are also available.

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