Understanding enterprise information management tools

Enterprise information management is a wide topic which consists of many tasks and sub-tasks. Not a single application will be sufficient to manage enterprise information. Many specialize software are available for certain tasks in enterprise information management.

You can either go for such specialized software or buy a package that consists of all the software into a single solution for the enterprise. Vendors like IBM have all the software needed for enterprise information management. Based on the core business you are dealing with, you can go for the entire solution with all the software or go for a single application that is core to your business.


Tools for different aspects of enterprise information management are needed to manage the information effectively in an enterprise setup. There are tools for each of the activities and process in an enterprise. To create reports and score cards on the financial performance of an enterprise, there are business intelligence and financial performance management tools. With such tools you can create plans, budgets, and forecast your business performance based on the data from multiple sources.


Managing the data from different sources is also a tedious task. For this purpose there are database servers with the data management tools. With these tools you can remove the redundant data. You can use the data warehousing tools to create data warehouse applications which aid in business intelligence and analysis. Data models for different industries are also bundled with the data servers. This helps you to build data warehousing applications for the different industries faster.


Content management is an important part of any enterprise information management. Content management platforms are built exclusively for this purpose. With the content management server, the content is shared among the users who are authorized to view that content. Workflow is also integrated in content management so that the documents are processed properly before they are archived in the database.

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