Simple Time Management Tips for Manager's

Dear Manager's... If you don’t have reasons to meet, or if you have reasons not to meet, you can always cancel. No body ever complains about a canceled meeting, do they? But every time you do have a meeting, make it worth it worth their time and energy to be there.

1. Get Ready: You really have to know your stuff to explain it to others. Do your homework. Review your reasons(s) for holding the meetings and the out come(s) you want.

2. Get the meeting place ready: Make sure you’ve got the flip chart and markers and overhead projector ready. How about visuals? Refreshments? Seating arrangements? Put them in rows facing front if you want them to sit quietly and listen. Put them around a table if you expect them to take an active part in the discussion.

3. Get them ready: Don’t pass out of a think report to start the meeting and expect folks to read react on the spot. Even the most willing worker’s won’t be able to do a good job. When do they need to know before the meeting? Get information to them at least two working days ahead of time. Sure, some would not read it. But many will, and they‘ll come prepared.

4. Get out an agenda: What ever else you send them before the meeting, be sure to circulate an agenda. Emphasize action items and spell out recommendations you plan to make. If they need to bring some things with them (like their calendars, so you can plan yet another meeting) tell them now.

5. Get rid of bad talk: Don’t let your meeting degenerate in to personal attack or disintegrate in to multiple side bar discussions.

Here are few some ground rules other groups have found helpful

Use “I” Statement in sharing your perceptions. Not: “This meeting is a stupid waste of time”.


Before you spend all the time their time, though, consider giving a little time off as a reward for a job well done, a head of schedule. You can’t give them anything they I’ll appreciate more and that could motivate them better.

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