Why its important to have an effective data management strategy

Having proper data management strategy is the key to success in enterprise data management. Before you have a data management strategy you need to classify the data that you are going to manage in your organization. This classification would enable you to understand what data should be backed up and at what frequency. It would enable you what not to worry about much. Since all the data are important at any one point in its life cycle, it is important to have a data management strategy in your organization.

A strategy should be present to store the inactive data in your database. It would be expensive to store all the data in a hard disk drive. The cost per byte of storage in hard disk is costly when compared to optical drives and magnetic tape drives.


Inactive data can be moved to slower devices like magnetic tape drive and optical drives. When data in the slower drive is accessed it can be moved to the faster devices. A strategy for this type of storage would be more effective in improving the performance of the system as a whole.


Proper access to data should be given to authorized personnel. The decision to mark the authorized personnel for a particular type of data should be done through proper policies. A strategy should be available to include the authorized personnel in the access list. Users may be added or removed according to the requirement.


One of the important data management strategies is the storage of the data in the database. The physical location of the database also plays a role in the effectiveness of data management. Having a centralized database with large CPU power and storage would be costly. Instead you can go for distributed databases.


In distributed database, each and every department can have a database which they can update easily. They know what they are updating since they know about the data related to their department. These databases can be in different physical location, but logically integrated to the main application. Such a data management strategy would also help in improving the performance as a whole.

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