Why do we need contact management database?

The contact management database is an important asset to your company and for the individuals concerned. You can consider it as a gold mine for your business. If it is not properly maintained you are sure to lose some good business in the future. Hence it is essential that you periodically review the contact management databases and keep them up to date.

It is not important that you have a lot of names in your contact management database. It is necessary that you have renewed your contacts regularly and make sure that the information given in the database is current. Give importance to the quality of the contacts rather than the number of contacts you have.


In your contact management database you can include another field that would ensure which of the contacts are very important and which are weak. This way you can group them to know which of them are the potential contacts for future business. If you are concentrating on a business, you know the target audience. Based on the target audience you can rank the contacts you have.


The factors to consider are the business potential of the contact, whether that particular contact is the decision maker in their business and whether they are in line with your business. You may also consider whether there is business from them in the near future.


Thus using a contact management database effectively is sure to bring you prospects. There are many tools available for contact management. A desktop tool, or a web based tool can be used to maintain the contacts. You can group your contacts into clients, employees, vendors, and dear ones. Add a photo the contacts so that you know whom you are contacting. Details of the deals completed with that person can also be kept in it.


If you already have a file of contacts, you can download them to your contact management database. Automatic update from CSV formatted files, excel sheets, text files, and emails are available in good contact management software that use a good database. Some of the brand names that you can look for in contact management software are HyperOffice, Gold Mine, TeleMagic, ACT, etc. Make sure that you get a upgrade for that software before you buy it.

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