Understanding different types of change management theories

Businesses and organizations are very dynamic and complex. It is very difficult to understand the patterns in them without the help of a change management theory. There are many change management theories that will help you to understand this chaotic and dynamic behavior of the organizations and their behavior.

The chaos theory is used to study the dynamic and complex systems. It is found that there are some orderly patterns even in these chaotic systems. It displays an aperiodic behavior. An aperiodic behavior is one in which there is some repeated pattern of values even when there is no disturbance to the system.


All the organizations are run under very complex environment. If you need to understand the patterns in such complex environment you should follow the chaos theory. Stock market behavior, organization and business strategy, changes in the organization and the behaviors of the organization, and complex decision making can be well understood if followed using the chaos theory.


There are many such theories that would help you to understand change management. Catastrophe theory, Contingency theory, Expectancy theory, path-goal theory, and theory of constraints are some of the theories that help you to understand the organizational behavior when a change is injected in it.


The catastrophe theory is another that you should understand the behavior when a change happens in a business process or organization. This theory states that every process would be in a stable state and any change injected will be absorbed by the system until is large enough to disturb the stable state. Even when the stable state is disturbed, the system will try to enter another stable state by absorbing the change or disturbance.


The state and implementation of the change management can be clearly understood if you follow certain theories. The change management process and tools can be clearly understood if you follow these theories.

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