About Data Collection Strategy & Planning

A lot of materials enter inside your data collection strategy. One needs a lot of thinking and follow proper ways regarding how to bring about your statistic data collection well before you start it. There are many instances when one does not plan about his data collection strategy and which finally leads to wastage of data in the end.


By planning a rigid data collection strategy in time in advance before you set to work you will have no worry about any damage from any external influences and all you have to do is just collect the data.

Primary Steps To Be Taken While Planning Your Data Collection Strategy

The first step is making a vivid definition as well as specification of the objectives and achievements, of your data collection. This is considered the toughest and also a very important factor of the whole process. Hence it is advised to plan a time chart for this. Any mistakes in this will lead to a lot of other difficulties throughout the process.


When the matter is penetrated too much to acquire results according to our plan we may overdo it. Hence it is better to be on the edge line of information. It is also necessary to have proper inclusions as this plays a great role into your data collection strategy.


The second factor is based on what will be the mode of collecting the data. This is a turning point of your data collection strategy as the results will determine how well you worked on it. The data collection method varies from one project to another and you have to decide the appropriate and the best one to attain your goal. The data received in directly affected by the methodology used whether it is quantitative or qualitative and it is easy to explain and estimate.


Data got from quantitative data collection strategy is easy to read and transfer while that of qualitative will need a long time to differentiate and find out. But, there are times when you rely on quantitative answers from your subjects at it is then you frame out excess time to go through the data collected.


Hope this gives a clear idea of what is to be done to collect your data. It is recommended that you compare your data collection strategy with your co-workers and listen to their comments on it. To get the comments on your work is very important as you can rectify mistakes at source otherwise it can be very difficult to keep changing our mode once you have already reached a certain limit.

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