Understanding Different Components Of An Enterprise Asset Management System

An Enterprise Asset Management System has different important components that make up the system, which needs to interact with each other seamlessly for the system to function properly. Only if they interact without any glitch your business process will be met by the Enterprise Asset Management system.

The components are: the software – the program that manages the assets, the business processes, the users who use the system, and the platform in which the system is loaded. The core of the enterprise asset management system is the software.


It is usually customized according to the organization’s need. Although ready-made software is available, they might not of use to an enterprise where the requirements may vary widely. The software component has to be developed in such a way that it can be loaded in different platforms. Any enterprise would be having different platforms and hence this is a necessity so that the software can be loaded in any system.


The other component namely the business process takes care of the business process that is unique to an enterprise. This component is very useful and helpful and in making business decisions that is critical to resolving some issues.


The user component is used to authenticate and authorize the different category of employees to different features of the enterprise asset management system. Orientation programs for the different users might be necessary when you implement an enterprise asset management system so that the users can use it efficiently. However you might also face some resistance to the new system being implemented as it is natural in any organization.


Different operating system platforms are widely used in an enterprise. For example, you might find Windows 9x / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Solaris, Linux, UNIX, and FreeBSD. Your Enterprise Asset Management System should be capable of working on all of these operating systems. Evaluation of the system, the business process and improvement of these is necessary to keep it up to date with the emerging technologies.

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