Strategic data management to improve your business

Managing data in an organization is an important and complex task. You need a proper infrastructure, software and skilled manpower to achieve it. Not all organizations have sufficient skilled manpower and infrastructure. If you know what you want, then you can find a right data management solution, but not all know how to improve data management. Strategic data management would help you achieve this.

For strategic data management you should study the data you are working with in your organization and classify them. Not all data are important at present, although they would have been important at some point in their life cycle. The active and important data have to be stored in faster devices so that users access it faster when required.


The inactive data or data that is not accessed frequently can be stored in slower devices. Such strategy should be adopted as a part of strategic data management so that you can cut cost on storage. You should know that storage in hard drives are expensive on ‘per byte’ basis.


Another aspect to look in strategic data management is the type of databases to use for data management. It is expensive to have a centralized database in one physical location for all your requirements. In case of any disaster in that location the whole data will be at risk.


This can be avoided by using distributed database. A distributed database is one that spread over different physical locations but logically they are integrated so that the user using the application might not know where the data comes from. Each of the department can have their own data with them and it is easy for them to update their department related data.


Data management policies should be there to allow only authorized personnel to access the required data. They should be framed such that an end user does not have access to sensitive data that are used by the management. In strategic data management the solution should be implemented on a pilot project which is constrained to a small area or department and then if found successful can be implemented in stages across the enterprise.

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