How to implement change management?

Change management is a common procedure that is followed and used in any business environment in any vertical. It is a way to manage the changes that are requested in the project modules or any process. The impact of the change in each of the department using it should be studied carefully before implementing the change requested.

Before proceeding with the change implementation the request for the change is documented and sent to the concerned department and the top management to get the approval whether to proceed with the change. Usually there is a change management committee that will scrutinize the changes requested.


After the acceptance of the change, it is circulated among the department who are using that software so that they also know the impact that is going to be there upon implementing the change. If there are any discrepancies in the views expressed in the change management document, it is raised for revision.


Once all the changes to be made are approved the strategy to implement is taken up. Without the change management process in place, all the departments will not be aware of the changes that are taking place in the project or process. The quality audit team will be checking the changes that are made to the project module or process and give a nod to go live. Once the approval of the audit team is got, the changes are effected in the project.


Change management is well documented and approved so that in the future if there is any further change to be made, they have a reference of the changes made earlier. This process is sure to improve the business process. However there is another opinion among the users that the change management process, slows down their response time for any actions taken.

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