Inventory management systems - free Vs paid

Inventory management systems are available for free and for a few hundred dollars too. Each of them has its own benefits. If you opt for the free inventory management systems then you won’t get much support from the vendors who provide them for free. You need to buy support for a few dollars. Inventory management systems that you buy for a few hundred dollars comes with a host of features along with vendor’s support for its usage and free upgrade for a certain period.

For small and medium size companies there is an inventory management system called NBL inventory which is windows based. This software is brought to you buy Nebula computer software solutions. This software can be used in warehouses to track the raw materials or the finished goods movements.


This software helps the user to store details of the employee, their contacts and the related materials or products in it. Features to query the database are also available. You can take prints of the database and have it for viewing offline.


A product called Network Inventory Advisor that comes from ClearApps LLc., is a software that is used to manage the network inventory in your organization. This software scans all the systems in the network and builds a network inventory of information about all the software and the hardware available in your organization.


This is type of inventory software is more useful in a software organization to keep track of the information pertaining to each of the systems that they have. With such information it is possible to cut costs associated with the software and hardware in any organization.


Inventory management software called Business Aviator from Mark Miarecki Computing, Inc., is used to manage inventory. With this software you can track and get details of inventory, items, pricing, details of vendors and customers, sales and purchases.


This software can be used in multiple locations in the globe since it follows the general principles of accounting. This can be used as a standalone inventory control system or with a network. It also supports osCommerce.

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