Are you looking for document management freeware?

Managing huge amount of documents in an organization is cumbersome. However you can do it with ease if you use the right software for that purpose. Even individuals can use such software at home in their computer to manage the documents they handle. It is not necessary to go for a commercial version of the document management software always. There are many document management freeware available on the internet.

A simple search using a good search engine throws you a list of document management freeware you might find useful. Some of the document management freeware that we found might be useful to any person are KnowledgeTree’s Document Management System, docNext Free Edition, and SSX Free.


KnowledgeTree Document Management System is useful for business people. They can try this software for free and then go for a paid version if needed. This Document Management System allows them to store the entire document with ease and securely. Vendors are not locked in for using this software and the source code is also available for use.


Such flexibility allows the business people to try it with ease and without any commitment. This is definitely an alternative to other commercial software with similar features available in the market.


docNext is another software that you won’t regret to use. It is excellent for personal and even for business use. With this software you can easily organize the documents and later retrieve it when needed. A secure document repository is created with this software. A search feature to retrieve any document is also available. You can have your repository anywhere in the LAN and share it with other users.


SSX Free is another secure document management tool that is very useful for individuals and companies. Business critical documents can be easily delivered electronically using this document management tool. With this software you can extend your Secure Trade Link account and thus save a lot.

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