How To Save Money & Live Happy?

The money we spend on our groceries and hardware just soar up in our budget every month because of the rise in price of the products every week. They just get increase by few cents every week that finally we see a good rise in price by the end of the month.

The price of gasoline and its products is an example how price rises in the market and such rise is a small increase in the world market whereas a big leap in our budget.


We can find out for easy ways and means by which this price rise does not affect out budget much. Certain products can be bought in bulk when the price is less and stored for future use. Products which are used in our day to day life and that which has a longer shelf life can be purchased when the prices are low.


The dog and cat food can be bought in bulk rather than buying it in every single purchase. When bought in larger quantities, such food will cost 10% less in our budget than when bought in retail.


Regularly used products like grains can be purchased in larger quantities and stored in air tight containers. Some space has to be provided to store these containers in the kitchen.


The next thing you will have to find out is where you can get dry canned food and bathroom things at a reasonable price when you buy them in bulk.


You always save a lot when you buy a twenty pound bag of rice than buying one pound each time. You should also see to it that you have the enough space and container to store this larger quantity of rice from rats.


When it comes to clothing men’s socks and underwear can be bought as its fashion or style does not change. But be cautious when you buy the same for women as their fashion changes from time to time and the sizes also may vary from time to time.


Some hundreds of dollars can be saved when you plan well and buy the provisions for two years.

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