Debt Management - Usage Of Credit Cards Is Key

It is a known fact that in the present times the credit cards play an important role, in fact it can be also termed as an unavoidable factor in a person’s financial management. Though it is regarded as a powerful way of spending your money wisely, it still paves way for getting credit.

Fundamentals to Effectively Manage Debt despite using Credit Cards


Although caters to our necessity, credit is always a credit with a lot of known and unknown risks, and hence people should be cautious while taking decisions in getting any credit.


Analysts accept the fact that the best method of debt management when using credit cards is to have a proper idea of its working and know the fundamental concepts before signing up for a card. When one has a clear knowledge of all this he will be able to manage his debt in a proper way and also spend intelligently.


“Ungraceful grace periods” is the number factor that gives problem in debt management, while using credit cards, this means the time allotted for a credit card holder to pay their dues after which they need not worry about any interest and time in grace period for consuming is exactly within 30 days.


People must be cautious as the “30 days” printed in black and white is not exactly “30 days” as it excludes holidays, weekends and bank holidays so it is about approximately only 20 days, so there is nothing to be overjoyed about the “30 day” as in case your bills are pending the credit company or the bank may charge an interest on your account.


Yet another factor in debt management is “payment and repayment distributions”. Sometimes repayment for credit card accounts takes a lot of years if the payments are not done properly. When a credit card is used for cash advances or purchase or when you have a balance, additional rates are charged on you beyond the promotional period. To know that your repayment may be 2 to 4 times more when compared to the actual amount, this may lessen the chance of having high rates that would lead to high compound interest.


People who use their credit card frequently find it difficult to manage their debt because of the “tricky balance transfer fees and misleading inactivity charges”. When an assessment is made balance transfer rates are fun as when credit companies give low introductory offer rates, they do not involve your options of balance transfers, and if you do it, these concealed fees will rip you off without your knowledge through transaction fees which may be double the amount of your debt.


Finally, the puzzling “bait and switch” card offers makes it very difficult for people to get proper debt management, so be careful about bait and switch card offers when using credit cards. There are other direct mail offers with low interest premium to which we can change over whenever we feel like.


As these commercial offer fascinating interest rates, many people instantly yield to it even without realizing that the card may have a rate of interest that is higher.

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