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Written reports are as important as oral communication during the development of the project. During the development of such reports some criteria has to be followed in content, type, format, and distribution of reports. Reporting system may be day to day basis or on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some reports may be distributed to a large audience. It’s important to know who will be receiving the copies of the reports. Recipients of the reports may have different levels of technical sophistication. It is important to keep in mind that reports must be written to address what is of the interest of the readers, not what is the interest of the writer


During the process of execution of projects, an important tool of management system are reports and reporting system for the progress monitoring of the projects. The objective of the reports is to inform to all concerned agencies and departments about the project on its physical as well as financial progress.


During the execution process, certain problems are faced and at the same time, certain facilitating factors also come across.

These favourable and unfavorable factors become important lessons for ongoing as well as future projects. Therefore it becomes necessary to examine the aspects on completion of the projects. It is the practice in many organizations to prepare the post project evaluation and completion audit report.


Usefulness of reporting system in project management:

§ Accomplishments since prior submitted reports.
§ Address important points in the reports.
§ Status of project performance.
§ Identifying potential problems.
§ Planned action.
§ Milestone expected to achieve.


Unless there is a proper reporting system, people as well as departments concerned with the projects, may not know the complete details of the project. Thus, this is an important area in the execution and management of projects. Reports are prepared and submitted on physical as well as financial progress.


Thus, preparation of reports will depend upon types of organization. During the commissioning of the project, reporting may be more frequent.

These reports may be required to be submitted to various authorities within the project management itself, executive director, manager Monthly reports are submitted to chief executive officer highlighting the action points at the higher levels. The project report are prepared by...


(a) Report prepared by consultants, the consultant will substitute the function of an in-house project department reports will be more or less on the same lines as prepared by the in-house departments for the projects supervised departmentally.

(b) Report prepared by the turnkey contractors, summary of important events in the months, key areas for action future, progress under various activities planned, submission and approval of design algorithm of the projects, procurements.

(c) Reports prepared by the in-house project department, project department prepares two types of reports. One type of reports is supervising the projects being executed by the non-turnkey basis and the other type of report shall be a report as an independent project department. This report would be prepared and submitted to all the authorities.

Project department prepares and submits following reports:


1. Monthly progress reports, has following details.
- Important events.
- Profitability achieved for that period.
- New projects signed.

2. Summary report to project directorate.
- Status report for the on going project, it includes status of activities, sanctioned costs, schedule of commissioning.
- Highlights on the achievements of milestones.

3. Chairman’s report.
- Physical progress on contract packages which includes project sanction date, commissioning date, total sanctioned cost of the project, activity–wise progress.
- Project-wise milestones includes activities, remarks about the status, schedule completion date.


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