How evaluation, assessments, and reporting of the project play a key role for the success of the project

Project evaluation plays key role for the successful implementation of the project which includes evaluation of work authorization, evaluation of project control, performance analysis, Evaluation of technical analysis, evaluation of project control, scheduling and budgeting are some of factors to be evaluated before getting into the projects after successful approval of the necessary requirements reporting system should be organized and it should be monitored regularly.

The evaluation of human resource begins upper management to the middle management. Therefore the authorities in each level have to review up the tasks they are authorized to perform. According to the schedule, work, and budget. The data required are collected and the works in progress are periodically collected and entered into a project cost accounting system.


The project manager to assess the work progress, schedule and cost performance of the project will use these data collected. The project must be systematically tracked and observed. This requires a project monitoring function.


There are two activities, data collection and the second one is information reporting. Frequent reports on the overall project performance should be submitted to higher-level authorities. Separate, specified schedule reports, the cost analysis reports and the performance of the project should be prepared and evaluated for a specific time period.


Project can be controlled in three phases...

§ Setting performance standards.
§ Comparing actual performance with the standards.
§ Taking corrective actions.


The status of the project can be evaluated in terms of...

§ Budgeted cost of work scheduled.
§ Actual cost of work performed.
§ Budgeted cost of work performed.



The objective of the reports is to inform to all concerned agencies and departments about the project on its physical as well as financial progress. Thus, this is an important area in the execution and management of projects. Reports are prepared and submitted on physical and for financial progress also. Thus, preparation of reports will depend upon types of organization.


Similarly, mode of execution of project may be turnkey or non-turnkey, there will be various agencies preparing reports depending on the execution mode and type of organization. When there is a regular project management department in the company and the projects are executed with the departmental supervision, reports are prepared in-house project departments. The periodicity of the reports may be weekly, monthly, quarterly. During the commissioning of the project, reporting may be more frequent. The project report are prepared by:


1. Project consultants.
2. Turnkey contractors.
3. In-house project organization.


Report prepared by consultants, the consultant will substitute the function of an in-house project department reports will be more or less on the same lines as prepared by the in-house departments for the projects supervised departmentally. Report prepared by the turnkey contractors, summary of important events in the months, key areas for action future, progress under various activities planned, submission and approval of design algorithm of the projects, procurements.


Reports prepared by the in-house project department, project department prepares two types of reports. One type of reports is supervising the projects being executed by the non-turnkey basis and the other type of report shall be a report as an independent project department. This report would be prepared and submitted for all the authorities. Project department prepares and submits following reports:


1. Monthly progress reports, has following details.
2. Summary report to project directorate.
3. Chairman’s report.

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