How reports for post project evaluation and post completion audit report prepared?

In the large organizations, execution of projects and operation activities continue concurrently. New projects are sanctioned every year and similarly already sanctioned projects are completed. During the execution process, certain problems are faced and at the same time, certain facilitating factors also come across.

These favourable and unfavorable factors become important lessons for ongoing as well as future projects. Therefore it becomes necessary to examine the aspects on completion of the projects. It is the practice in many organizations to prepare the post project evaluation and completion audit report.


Contents of Post project evaluation and completion audit report (PCAR):

§ Purpose of the project as per sanction.
§ Benefits envisaged in the sanctioned project.
§ Project approval and execution of the project.
§ Strategies of implementation.

§ Accomplishment of project objectives.
- Project facilities.
- Scope of work with reasons.
- Benefits achieved.

§ Time over run with reasons.
§ Completion cost and cost over run statement with reasons for variations.
§ Problems encountered.
§ Conclusion.
§ Enclosures to PCAR.
a) Actual cost
b) Reasons for variations.
c) Actual benefits achieved.
d) Performance statistics.


PCAR for major projects, in respect to major projects of expansion, modernization, technological up gradation PCAR is prepared in more detail. The consultants of the projct who possess the facilities and necessary data bank for the project prepare this normally. Various parts of completion reports for major projects are.


(i) Project planning, includes various stages from the formulation till the final investment decision-making will be covered. It will highlight all the aspects such as stages of decisions in the organization itself. In the report, profitability projections, product will mix together with the objective of the project as planned will be covered.


- Preliminary investigation.
- Selection of suitable technology.
- Preparation of feasibility report, detailed report and it e approvals.
- Planning for necessary resources.
- Operation review.


(ii) Project Organization, it includes an organization structure of the project department as planned and functioned shall be mentioned, it also covers procurements, coordinating reporting of progress also.

- Appointment of consultants to the project.
- Enabling work.
- System of reporting.
- Capital costs estimates.
- Required resources.


(iii) Financial management, it includes...

- Operation of contracts such as repayment, settlements etc.
- Increase in cost of the projects and reasons for variation.
- Profitability of the project.
- Actual expenditure on completion of the project.


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