Essential Skills, Qualities and Functionalities of Project Members in Project Team

It is the people not the procedures and technology that are critical to accomplish project objective. Procedures and technology are merely tools that help people to do their job. Project manager plays a key for the successful development of the project.

The project team is a group of individuals working interpedently to achieve the project objective. A project team is more than a group of individuals assigned to work on one project. A group of interdependent individuals working co-operatively to achieve project objective helping these individuals develop and grow into a cohesive effective team. Teamwork is a co-operative effort by the members of the project team to achieve a common goal.


The effectiveness of the project team can make the differences between the project success and failure. It’s the people the project manager and team members are key to project success. To ensure success of project various structures are used to organize people to work on them. Communication is most essential part in a project team, it should be good with the customers, within the project team and with the upper management is critical to success.


The purpose of team building is to improve the ability of the group to solve problems and to work effectively on the project at hand. Efforts should be directed at achieving some specific targets.


Responsibilities of Project manager:

Planning: Project manager clearly defines the project objective and then reaches an agreement with the customer on this objective then the project manager communicates with the project team in such a manner to create a vision of what will constitute successful accomplishment of the project objective.


Organizing: Organizing involves securing the appropriate resources to perform work. First project manager should decide which task should be done in the house and which the consultants should do. Finally, the task of organizing involves creating an environment in which the individuals are highly motivated.


Controlling: To control the project, the project manager implements a project management information system designed to rack the actual process and compare with the planned progress. Project team members monitor the progress of their assigned task and regularly provide data on progress, schedule and cost. It’s important that problems, even potential problems are identified easily and actions are taken.


Qualities of project manager:

1. Strong leadership ability.
2. Ability to develop people.
3. Excellent communication skills.
4. Good interpersonal skills.
5. Problem solving skills.
6. Time management skills.


Characteristics of project team members:

1. Clear understanding of project objectives.
2. Clear expectations of each person role and responses.
3. A result orientation work.
4. High degree of co-operation.
5. A high level of trust.


Delegation is also an important aspect in project management system. Delegation involves empowering the project team to achieve project objective and empowering each members to accomplish the expected result for his or her idea of responsibility. It’s act of allowing individuals to carry out assigned tasks successfully.


Members of the project team are given specific results to achieve in terms of workspace, tangible results or products to be delivered, the available budget, and allowable time schedule for their assigned area of responsibility. They plan their own method to obtain desired results and they exercise control over the resources they need to do the work. Delegation is not the “passing he buck”.


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