How To Design A Detailed Project Plan Proposal?

Project management is the ability to administer a series of chronological tasks resulting in a desired goal. The goal of the project management is the improved customer service, enhanced product quality, and increase profitability. Clarity is the paramount.

A project is an endeavor to accomplish a specific objective through unique set of interrelated tasks and the effective utilization of resources. It has clearly defined objective stated in terms of scope schedule and the cost. The responsibility of the project manager is to make sure that project objective is accomplished and that the work scope is completed in a quality manner, within the budget and on time to the customer satisfaction.


Project management involves a process of first establishing a plan and implementing that plan to accomplish the project objective, this planning effort includes clearly defining the objective, dividing and subdividing for each work package, graphically portraying the activities in the form of a network diagram estimating how long it will take to complete, defining the types of resources needed for the successful implementation of the project and how many of resources are needed for each activity, estimating the cost of each activity and calculating project schedule and budget.


Once the project starts project management, involves monitoring the progress of the project to ensure everything going according to the plan. The projects should have a clear vision, ambiguous projects are a waste of time and talent and money. Once the project is defined, you need a clearly stated start and end date.


Does the project have exact result? While we should be looking for exact requirements of the project that is to include, you must also look for the requirements excluded from the project. Does it have financial commitment; technology costs because it makes money. The goal of the project in the corporate world is the same of goal of any company to make or save money.


The goal of the research is to come to a conclusion discovery and hard-hitting facts upon which a decision, plan or an implementation can be based. The feasibility plan is a documented expression of what the researches about the project told, helps to find validity, scope of the project, executive summary, products, audience impacted, financial obligation, recommended action steps is given below:


1. Define the purpose of research in writing
2. Determine what resources needed during the development of the project (i.e.) prior experience, experience of the others, qualified workers, trade magazine, vendor brochures etc.
3. Organizing among the team members working for the project
4. Prepare a detailed documentation of the project work
5. Evaluate the work done


A tech centric project requires a financial investment for quality hardware, software and talent. Is some doing already the same type of project, Large company competing each other, in the perfect world IT projects fall under one umbrella information shared among all the members, department and all the everyone works together for common goal of the company. This process can be administered through a project management office where project is tracked across the enterprise. How it affects the users, not all the technology you implement has direct effect on the users, but most of it does. Creating project charters:


1. Defines the whole project, what technology it uses etc.
2. Identifies who are sponsoring for the project
3. Identifies the project manager
4. Makes the project manager and sponsor accountable
5. Forces the project to have vision


Elements to be considered in the projects:

1. The official project name
2. Project sponsor contact information
3. Goal and objectives of the project to be done
4. Considering the business cases, high-level results
5. Deadline of the project to be completed
6. Resources required for the successful completion of the project


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