Document Management Software Comparison Checklist

Choosing document management software is not an easy task. Before you choose document management software, you should compare the features of these products and other information about the product. Searching for documents in the organization is the major task in document management software. This search task is performed in two different ways in software. You have to find it out before you choose one.

Some of the document management system use keywords that are keyed in to the system while the documents are scanned and use these keywords to locate the document. Other software that is used in enterprises search for the text within the document and indexing is done automatically in such software. You have to find out which way the search is done in the software you select. This plays a major role in the efficiency of the document management software. Such document management software comparison helps you in deciding the right software for your organization.


The type of license you are going to buy and that is offered is also compared. License for each workstation and server or a license for the website is given by the software vendor. Find out which one is suitable for you before you buy it. Compare the prices of different document management software for each of these licenses and then decide.


Check out the trial period that is offered for the software so that you can test it on your system to find out the features before you plunge into it right away. Test the software and find out the right one for your organization.

Some of the software is not easy to setup.


The vendor would do it for you. See whether they are charging any fee for setup of the software in your organization. See that you get an import feature in the product, so that you can import the details to it right away instead of keying in them individually.


Check out the compatibility of the software for different operating systems. Suppose you have different operating systems in your organization, this might be useful. Check out the types of databases that are used with the document management system.


See whether workflow is integrated into it and whether you can send email from within the system.These are some of the points that you should consider before you choose document management software.

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