How to Design APowerful Marketing Report

Marketing : means to make a communication about certain product or service a purpose of which is to encourage recipients of the communication to purchase or use those product or service. It is the process of identifying and communicating with qualified prospects.

Strategic Planning

Every organization must know where they are heading to and plan their strategies accordingly. Many small organizations are concentrating on weekly survival and that is because they do not have a long range guidance system in place. It’s important that you conduct a survey of the existing market conditions and design a proven and a structured approach.


This approach should be effective and efficient. There are a lot of studies that have to be conducted before your product hits the market. The most important studies are Product Positioning in the market and the Media Planning. These two are very important promotional strategies.


Brand Yourself

Powerful marketing begins with powerful branding. With your Brand Foundation process you define your vision, voice and values to create a comprehensive living brand document. The company’s brand foundation becomes the foundation for powerful marketing that connects the product with your customers. There are a lot of companies which offers a full range of brand identity services and packages for businesses in every stage of growth. The following strategies to branding yourself should be developed.


Brand Foundation
Naming & Tagline Writing
Logo and Icon Design
Stationery Design
Sign & Vehicle Graphics


Moment of Truth

The moment your customers encounter your products or services for the first time is the moment they'll remember. From package design that adds value to your product, to promotional strategies and display design that distinguishes your company from your competition, your product should be able to deliver brand powered packaging and displays. The first impression that a consumer gets by seeing your product and its performance should create an impact in his mind. That is the moment of the truth. To establish this, the following are very important.


Branding of the product
Packaging of your product
Designing the Labels
Attractive Posters
Promotional Displays


Clarify Your Message
From the overall tone of your brand to the content of your data sheets, your marketing depends on the clarity and consistency of your message. There is one way which can help translate the company’s brand personality into a written style and that’s only by Professional copywriting. Make sure that all your collaterals make the same promises within the same voice. There are a lot of firms which offers copywriting services to compliment your graphic design and marketing needs such as the following:


Naming & Taglines
Position Statements
Direct Mail
Speech Writing
Creation of Web Sites


Create a Buzz

While you're out pounding the pavement, a targeted advertising or public relations campaign can make your job a lot easier. Contact an agency which will help you design, develop, and produce a print or broadcast ad campaign that increases awareness and promotes sales. And we can help develop and implement a PR strategy that puts your product or service at the center of attention such as:


Print Ads
Outdoor Ads
Radio & Television
Posters & Promotional Displays
Multimedia Presentations
Speech Writing
Press Releases


Every marketing strategy is unique in its own way, but if we abstract from the individualizing details, each one can be reduced into a generic marketing strategy. There are a number of ways of categorizing these generic strategies. In short the four P’s have to be carefully planned out in order to define an efficient marketing strategy. They are..




These four elements are often referred to them as Marketing Mix. A marketer will use these variables to craft a Marketing plan. For a Marketing plan to be successful, the mixture of the four P’s must reflect the wants and desires of the consumers in the target Market. Trying to convince the market segment to buy something which they don’t want is extremely expensive and seldom successful.

Marketers depend on market research to determine what consumers want and what they are willing to pay for. Marketers hope that this process will give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing Management is the practical application of this process.


The product has to be designed effectively in such a way that a consumer can find it easy and comfortable to use it. It has to be priced reasonably, in accordance with the market price. Some companies sell their products at a very low and attractive rate to gain customer attention and to popularize their products and establish a reasonable market share.

Promotional strategies have to be given due importance as it helps in promoting their brand. There are various strategies and organizations should implement those which would help them attract a suitable customer base. The place of launch also should be carefully analyzed. Visibility plays an important role in marketing a product today.


Visibility and accessibility has to be given utmost attention while marketing a product in this competitive environment. All the strategies when studied and implemented carefully have always come out with successful results.


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