Understanding Data Collection Methodology

To become acquainted with the various types of data collection methodology is a good idea before you start any project. It does not matter if you use a data collection template and find anyone else, or come up with the same it does not matter, so long as you have a good understanding of the data collection methodology you keep using it and applying it to your research work.

Various Kinds Of Data Collection Methodology

Quantitative and Qualitative are the two kinds of data collection methodology. A quantitative data collection methodology is based on specimen and framing of data collection that several experienced can be kept in the already decided response categories.


It is very easy to make a comparison and shorten the results got from these methods. The initial method in a quantitative methodology is to examine a hypothesis to find out if what is being read really exists or not.


To have an exact and easy measurable results one should use a quantitative data collection methodology although it may sound very common. This system is used to collection huge amounts of data over a large area and then regulates the collection which can be easy to study and use.


The general strategies of this methodology involves conducting experiments and clinical trials, observation and recording events like making a count of the people in queue in a zoo, getting data from the management information systems, conducting surveys with ended questions, like A,B,C or Stating True or False for questions.


To attain success in the quantitative data collection methodology it is necessary to have proper interrogation of data to go through. When your research in done in advance only then can one expect to achieve results from the data got through this method be of use.


The qualitative data collection methodology is more adaptable. This includes interacting interviews where one can respond and speak their judgment. As this involves a number of interactions with the subjects it takes more time to complete a qualitative study when compared with the quantitative methodology.


A qualitative method has a lot of complications too than the quantitative method as the results are generally collected by comparing a number of many subjects and finding out the trends in the data.


It should be well known as to which method will be suitable for you keeping in mind the mode of your study. Each of these two methods has its own advantages and if necessary both may also be followed in the same project. Mixtures of data collection methods can also be done for accuracy in certain exceptions. It has been found that usage of both will yield better results.

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