Understanding information management principles

Managing information is not an easy task. You need to have wide knowledge on various issues that are to be addressed while managing information. To do this a comprehensive knowledge on the key principles of information management would be of more help.

For the information management process to go smooth in any organization there is a need to recognize the complexity in managing information. This is the first key principle in managing information. Once you recognize it you will seek the different ways to manage that complexity. This complexity is not only in the way the information is handled but it is also there in the technology and the environment in which it is handled.


Some of the setbacks that are found in managing complexity might include, using a single technology across the organization to handle different information. This might not be necessary and this will not be efficient too. You might be needed to use the appropriate one for the type of information handled.


Making the staff of the company to adopt to the information management system is another issue that is confronted by the information managers. Not all staff will be properly using the system to regularly update it. The staff must be trained to adapt the information management system properly to increase the productivity of the organization. The advantage of using the system properly should be communicated to the staff so that they understand the importance of it.


While starting to implement the information management system in an organization there might be confusion on where to start. It is wise to start based on the process that would get benefited the most first. So that users would see the results on how their work is improved. This would sustain the interest of the users while implementing the other modules.


Another important principle on implementing the information management process is to go on with the simple modules and start implementing it. Some of the implementers might be tempted to go about the implementation only when they get all the modules necessary for the organization in place and this would trap them in the planning stage itself. So this has to be avoided and start implementing smaller modules and it is wise to improve upon them periodically.

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