Asset Management Definition

A simple search on the internet gives you a lot of Asset Management Definition. One version says that the management of financial assets of a company so that the returns are maximized is asset management. The other version says that the management of records of the assets and the depreciation is asset management. Asset management is a broader term that covers different kinds of assets and it all depends on the company, their core business, and the process involved in it.

Assets could be people, software, hardware, finance, money, properties, machineries, and others which come under the control of an individual or a company. All the details of these assets have to be recorded and tracked. In the conventional method the records were maintained in ledgers and skilled personnel were used for maintaining those records. Retrieval of the records were a tedious task and sometimes they may not even know that such asset exists in their network.


With the advancement in technology and low down of the prices of the computers, it is possible now-a-days to invest in a system so that the records of the assets are maintained digitally. Management of records digitally using some software is an easy task when compared to the conventional ways. With this method retrieval of data is very fast and you can also track the records easily. Generating reports in various forms is also easy. This enables the management to take some important business decisions quickly.


There are many types of asset management software available in the market. You can choose one that suits your core business and the business process. Take time to evaluate the software before investing in them. Most of the ready made software comes with a lots of features which you might not find useful. Hence it is necessary to evaluate the software and its features. Checkout whether there is a possibility to customize the software to your requirement.

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