Introduction to database management

Database management is the way in which a database is managed using the software tools available for that purpose. A good database management system provides you the ways to query the database easily and to work upon the existing databases. Comprehensive tools for producing reports on the data available in the database are also available in a database management tool.

Many people confuse themselves with a database and a database management system. You should know that these two are different. A database is one that has a collection of records or data in an organized way whereas a database management system is a tool that is used to manage the data found in the database.


Querying the database using a database management tool can be done using the querying language called the structured query language (SQL). You need to be aware of how to use SQL to query a database. Fourth Generation languages are also used in querying the database now in the latest database products that are available in the market. For example you could use C# to query the MSSQL Server latest edition.


Database management systems are used in systems that vary from personal computers to the main frame. The features and the performance of such systems will vary according to the platform in which they are used. In short the database management system has programs that are capable storing, editing, and modifying the data in the database. Apart from this tools to do other tasks like backup, synchronization of different databases etc are available.


Usually the database management system is integrated with the database product that you buy so that you need not buy a separate third party tool to manage that database. Some of the popular database management systems that come with the database are Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle, IBM’s DB2, Sybase, and MySQL.

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