How to Increase productivity by solving issues in human resource management

An organization’s productivity is drastically hit by inefficient dealing of issues in human resource management. A lot of time and money is wasted in your organization if you do not know how to deal with the issues in human resource management. Know the right process to deal with the issues and solve them at the right time. This will increase your turnover. Some of the burning issues related to people in organization are drain turnover, absenteeism, ineffective managers and so on.

With the increase in the number of BPO’s across the globe switching of jobs has become very easy for employees in that industry. We are talking about a particular industry and this applies to almost all the industry. With the use of technology in communication, it has also become easy for the employees to switch jobs in a short duration which drastically affects the organizations that employ them. Reducing the drain turnover is the only option to see an increase in the productivity of the organization. This is one of the issues in human resource management that managers are trying to solve in an emergency basis.


You can’t solve any of the issues in human resource management is you have inefficient managers in your organization. Such ineffective leaders can be found in many organizations. Either you have sack them or give proper training to them to meet your needs. Having spent a lot of time and money in recruiting such people, it is wise to find out the skill they lack and send them for proper training and courses, which would help them, reinvent themselves to become good managers.


Lot of time and money is wasted by employee absenteeism. It is necessary to reduce this. Many employees don’t report to job and take leave without intimating their superiors. Such behavior drastically affects the culture in the organization and also the productivity. Such issue can be solved easily if you have a proper screening process in your recruitment process.


If you do not have a screening process, it is better to leave them to consultants who do it for you for a nominal fee. Selecting the employee with the right attitude to your work culture is the key to solving such issues.

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