Impact of the change management system in the business

A change management system helps you very much in handling the people who are affected by the implementation of the change management system. Any change that is done in a business process or a project module will affect certain departments in the organization.


Moreover the changes requested might be dependent on other changes that are to be done in the process. To understand this dependency and the impact of the changes in the process of the business, a change management system has to be place.

The change that is going to take place in the business process or the project has to be propagated to all the respective departments. Opinion of the departments that are affected has to be got before the change is implemented. Any suggestions given by the departments to improve the process would be incorporated in the change request document after the prior approval of the management.


All the documentation associated with the change request will be easily handled only if a change management system is in place. Without the change management system it will be a tedious process to handle all the documentation and the communication.


With respect to the communication not all the changes requested are sent to all the departments. Only certain change requests are forwarded to certain departments. This priority in communication has to be documented and communications sent accordingly. It is not possible to do this manually.


A change management system if implemented in the organization would do this communication smoothly by sending the respective change request documentation to the concerned departments on time. The change management system would also help to check the dependency change requests and track them properly.


Some people believe that a change management system in an organization would only slow down the response time for a particular change requested. However it is not true in the long run.

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