Human resource management definition

Human resource management is a task that is very important in any organization as the people in the organization are the important asset. Managing such people so that they perform to the maximum efficiency to reach the goals set by the organization is very important. A simple search on the internet using a good search engine throws a lot of human resource management definition.

One definition says that any activity performed in the organization to use the human resource effectively is human resource management. The other says that the management of workforce of any business to ensure that there is sufficient staff with the necessary skills and are properly rewarded and motivated. Many such human resource definitions can be found in the web with slight variations in them.


All the human resource management definitions, however it is defined focus on one point that is the people of the organization. Hence it is necessary to develop people through work, training, motivation, compensation, and orientation. The ultimate goal of the human resource management is to develop the people in the organization so that the organization gets benefited out of it. Human resource management ensures that people contribute individually and also collectively towards fulfilling the goals of the organization.


You should know that human resource management encompasses a lot of functions that are inter-related to one another. In the early days all of these functions were performed without the help of information technology and it was so tedious to accomplish them. Now-a-days with the penetration of IT in all aspects of business, it is no wonder that its use in HR functions is also commendable.


All the functions of HR such as Payroll, HR administration, Performance appraisal, Time management, workforce planning, recruitment, induction and orientation, training and development, benefits administration, etc., each have their own modules in the HR Management information system.

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