Human resource management books to read

An aspiring HR professional should have read some of the human resource management books that are of good value to them. They would be already having a library of such books at home or in workplace. It is necessary that an HR department in any organization to build a library of such books for the reference of the HR personnel. This would help them to tune in their knowledge on HR processes and issues from time to time. Some of the Human Resource management books that you need to read are discussed here.

“Human Resource Management” a book by Robert L is good one for those who are looking for an overview of HR Management. In this book you can find topics on the changing nature of HR, the strategies used in HR Management, staffing the organization, developing, compensating and managing human resources.


“The Essential HR Handbook” by Sharon Armstrong is one of the human resource management books that you should have in your library. In this book you get to know about the different processes in detail about optimal staffing, orientation and onboarding, training and development, performance appraisals, benefits and compensation, employee relations, legal considerations, managing a diverse workforce, and the technology impact in human resource management.


“The Employer’s Legal Handbook” by Fred Steingold Attorney is a must that every aspiring HR professional should have with them. This book comes as a paperback edition. The chapter on Hiring covers all the aspects of hiring in an organization right from guidelines, job description, advertisement, applications, interviews, testing, investigation, offers, rejecting applicants, tax compliance, and immigration law requirements.

Almost all the topics on hiring are dealt with in this chapter.


The other chapters are, Personnel practices which includes, employee files, handbooks, appraisal, and disciplining, Wages and Hours, Employee Benefits, Taxes, Family and Medical Leave, Health and Safety, Illegal discrimination, Workers with Disabilities, Termination, Employee Privacy, Independent Contractors, Unions, and Lawyers. With such variety in the chapters almost every aspect of human resource management is covered by this book.

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