How To Conduct Training For Employees In An Organization

Training of workers in an enterprise is essential in laying a strong foundation for the development of the enterprise, which cannot be built without the help of technically skilled workers. The need of training is a universal one. Each and every worker should be given training according to their nature of the job; training differs from person to persons.


Training means to impart information or skill through drill. It is nothing but applications of knowledge with specific views and brings awareness among the people of what procedures to followed for that job in the enterprise.

Due to the technology improvements in the field of business training plays a significant role for the development of the enterprise so both the newly recruited persons and already present workers should be trained accordingly in order to compete in the modern business field. Need for training arises due to several factors.


- Less number of trained personnel:
It is impossible to find trained and technically skilled professionals for all the vacancies in the concern. This forces the managements to recruit persons who have little knowledge or no knowledge about the profile of the current job. So it is necessary for the enterprise to choose quality persons and give them training for that particular position.


- Suitability of enterprise needs:

Even when a worker is assigned to a new job he or she has to be given training which would be helpful for him to adapt to new working environments. The worker would feel comfortable in the new job to which he was assigned. Therefore he can utilize his thoughts in a right way and can complete his work within the time limit.


- New technology developments:

Due to rapid growth in new technologies it is necessary for the personnel to know these new improvements in business fields. In the absence of proper training facilities in latest methods the workers of that enterprise will face stiff challenges from other competitors in the business field and high pressures from higher-level authorities within the enterprise.

Training is also referred as aid to employee development. The purpose of training is to ensure that the workers are properly taught the new methods of doing the jobs assigned to them .The scope training depends upon what types of employees are trained. What factors that decide for the progress of employee in the enterprise, his/her high degree intelligence in his work it can be measured on his performances in Schools College or university. Secondly he/she should have capability to learn new technology and apply what he has learnt during his training period. Through training the employee should be enabled to gain mastery in their applications and efficiency. The third factor is he/she should be given a chance to practice his abilities and skills so that his skills can be utilized to the full extent possible.


Characteristics of a good training programme for workers in an enterprise are:

1. A sound training programme should focus on individual differences among the capability
of the workers. It should take into account that personnel’s who get trained in the enterprise would differ in ability, learning capacity, interests and other characteristics.
2. The nature of training programme should depend on the requirements of the job for what it is intended. For this, a clear analysis report of the job should be prepared before giving training.
3. For effective motivation of the trainees suitable incentives should be given, so they take up the programme seriously and it may prove worth for the enterprise.
4. All the higher officials in the concern should take active part during the training programme, so they can guide the trainees about what is expected from them to the enterprise. For this what all the essential things they have to do which would be helpful for them for their development in the concern.
5. In a good training programme trainers should be given training. They should undergo a special training, which would be helpful in transferring the required knowledge to the trainees. Moreover both the theory knowledge and practical knowledge of the job should go in hand in hand.


Types of Training followed in business enterprise are:


Induction training:

It is an act of introducing new employee to the business enterprise. The main objective of this type of training is to introduce or tell about the company’s policy and its objectives. Explanation of personnel policy, it may include the regulations and conditions of the employment. In some enterprises new employees are given informal orientation programme. Under this programme the employee is put under a senior official who briefs him about the company details and his working the enterprise.


On the-job training:

It is more efficient technique to train new employees. This is because only on the he can experience the difficulties and challenges in his work. This technique is very simple and economical. The employee will be placed under a co-worker who will teach about his work and skills needed for the work.


Craft training:

Training for craftsmanship not only deals with a single aspect but for various aspects of the job that can be assigned to a competent worker. This is one of the oldest techniques. It is also known as apprenticeship training. The period of apprenticeship may be different from job to job.



The worker might have got initial training but during the course of time he might got outdated. This is due to rapid changes in scientific and technological changes have made most workers obsolete. Employees at all levels are facing these kinds of problems. The main objective is to bring up-to-date with relevant knowledge required for that particular job. To fulfill the demands of the new customers.


Vestibule training:

This technique is basically used to train large number of persons in a short duration. This type of needs arise due to the rapid expansion of employment in many firms .It does not interfere with the regular production in course of the training being imparted.


The business enterprise does view training as an integral part of the concern for its effective and smooth functioning of the enterprise. Benefits of the good training programme can be achieved are:

Ø Provide comfortable environment and job satisfaction for the workers.
Ø Minimize the number accidents such as damaging the machinery, equipments etc.
Ø Continued training would make the employee more valuable for the enterprise.
Ø Economical use of resources and cutting down the money spent on the resources.
Ø Shortage of skilled labour can be overcome.
Ø Exposure to new technologies in the business fields.
Ø Increased capability of the employees to new work assigned to them.
Ø Trained workers will have sharper knowledge of their work and great capacity for diagnosis and analysis of day-to-day problems.
Ø A trained worker needs little time and effort to familiarize himself with the new job.


Training plays vital role for the development of the enterprise. Training is looked upon either as a piece decorations or as a fire fighting equipment to be used only in the case dire need .It brings out new talents who are capable of having good basic knowledge of the enterprise and its objectives.


Hence the enterprise would get profited from the employees as well as they also get attractive benefits from the concern for their performance by providing incentives, bonus, allowances and promotions. This would help to bring the workers to a mutual understanding within them and with the management Hence the growth of the enterprise will a steady one.


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