How to Prepare Database for Customer Relationship Management System

Every business thinks of various ideas to improve their revenue and sales and make good profit for their company. The best way to boost the company’s sales is to look into the customer’s choice, which can make them happy and satisfied.

They are the main target of the business and need not wile away their time running behind clients who will not make any purchase. This process of updating the details of the regular customers of the company, keeping them happy and satisfied and also acquiring new customers to the company is the main motive behind the customer relationship management.


With the arrival of computers, this customer relationship management has become very easy with the software program maintained by the company. This software keeps an account of the regular customers and of the potential customers in their database.


Every detail about the customer helps the company to forecast the future sales and revenue of the company. The Microsoft database templates help in developing the database that needs a lot of patience.

Here are some guidelines on how to set up this Microsoft database templates:

You can find the heading of the template on opening the Microsoft Access program. Find the template by clicking the “File’ menu where you will get a new one when the program is in 2003. Locate the database and then view all the templates and download the one you need.

• Download the template that is necessary for your business and open the data input feature. Click on ‘F11’ to view database fully. All the data recorded show in the form of tables, macros, reports, modules and queries.


• Modify the forms and tables and edit them according to the needs of your project. Edit them with the help of field properties.


• Verify the Access relationships between the tables and edit them according to your requirements. Sometimes you need to create fresh relationships.


• Start sorting out the data and enter them in the existing modified tables and forms. Bring in new details or just add them yourself. After entering, the necessary data move to the queries and reports available.


• Now open the queries and take the help of query validation or query wizard for support. Open and design the reports next with the help of report design or the report wizard.

• Finally, save your database, this will help in preparing and fixing your Customer Relationship Management program.

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