How to make use of a data management magazine

Data management magazines are available for each and every aspect of data management. They provide you a valuable insight into the industry. You can get information about the latest tools that are used by the organizations to manage their data. Lot of white papers are published in the data management magazines. They help you to find a solution for the common problems that you face while managing data in your organization.

There are many directories that list the data management magazine websites, and the white paper links in them. For example a link to ‘A Guide to Evaluating, Implementing and Deploying Content Management Systems’, would help you to find the publisher and the white paper which helps you in using your Content Management systems efficiently.


IBM has a popular Data Management Magazine published every month. These issues are very useful to the data management professionals. Day by day the technology is undergoing a lot of changes and hence the role of the data management professionals also undergoes a sea of changes. To cope up with these changes the professionals have to be up to date with the changes going on in their respective field. This gap is bridged by such Data Management Magazines.


There are many free to subscribe magazines available on the web. A simple search on the web in a good search engine would reveal you a lot of websites/ companies that publish data management magazines. You can subscribe to them for free. One of the website, has links to lot of free white papers published by these magazines. You can simply read these articles and white papers and get benefited.


There are certain websites that charge you a nominal fee for the subscription. It is for the effort they put in to give you the latest information on the data management domain. A true data management professional would not mind sparing a few dollars to get hands on such information.

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