How To Manage Your Funds Without Taking A Personal Loan

It is not difficult to get a personal loan, but what is difficult, is the monthly repayments. When you are unsure about the repayments, it is better not to take take it. It also matters if you are eligible only for the secured personal loan which involves collateral along with it. So the other methods of arranging funds should be considered and it depends on the amount you need.

At least you may be able to arrange a part of the amount required, thus reducing the money to be taken as loan. An easy method is to take an amount from a friend or a relative according to the urgency of the need and it depends on your relationship and the time you take to repay it. Parents do so by extending a loan with flexible terms according to the need of the child and their disposable income.


Funds can be arranged by sale of items you own like automobile, property or an antique to earn some money, to avoid taking a personal loan. Old college books and CDs have a good resale value on online auction like EBay and yahoo auctions.

A part time work can also be helpful which depends on our time and one can continue with it till required finds are reached. This includes taking up a job during weekends or in the evenings in any shops. One can even take chances in telemarketing. In case you are a college student you can take classes or do some job typing.


There are a lot of home jobs available on the net by typing, doing research, proof reading and transcribing too. You can choose your field of interest and work out for sometime and the payments are good. However, the jobs that require some deposit or to purchase any item at first are not genuine and one should not sign up for such traits.


People who have a good social circle can also sell products of companies such as Avon or Mary Kay which also makes a very good income. You can also place orders for books for people who have interest in reading. Both these jobs are profitable.


The best way is to control the expenses which lead to a good amount of money regularly. You can avoid branded items and replace them with locally available products and follow it by making lists. Only what is listed is to be purchased in case of groceries. The expenses on fuel, gas, etc can be controlled by car pooling. It is better to prepare eateries at home than buying them outside. It is better to stop habits like smoking and chewing tobacco. It will be very surprising to see the money saved later.


Credit applying must be done wisely. It is always a better option to save money to generate more income rather than applying for a personal loan. It is not easy but it makes you feel better as you have achieved financial support by yourself. You can also save the monthly payment that has to be made in case of a personal loan.

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