Choosing the right tools for digital document management in an organization

Does your organization needs to store documents in digital form like MS Word, Spreadsheet, PDF, JPEGs, DWG, etc? Then, your company is one that needs to know about digital document management. You need the right tools to manage these digital documents. Otherwise you will be missing out a lot of documents over time.

Although you might have those documents in your network or system, you might not be able to retrieve it when needed. Hence you need to know the tools that are available in the market for free and commercial versions for managing documents. It is better to know about the online document management services that are offered too.


For a start you might not be willing to spend a lot on hardware and related software for managing documents in your organization. In such cases you can start with the online document management services and then migrate to the enterprise versions if needed.


The advantages of going for online document management services are many. You need not worry about the secure storage, the software needed, and the hardware needed. All you will be doing is to pay for the subscription and keep using the software provided online. As the storage increases you can go for higher plans that offer more storage in the server. As you will be spending only incrementally as the storage increases you need not purchase huge storage during the start.


With online document management services, you will be paying only for the users who are active contributing content and managing content. You need not pay for the users who just view the documents.

A simple search on the internet using a good search engine provides a lot of online document management services you can opt for. One such service is The plan starts from $10 a month for one user. You can try such services and then move on to the enterprise editions.

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