Good Time Management Vs Bad Time Management

The importance of good time management is often dinned in to your ears as soon as you are employed. With its help you turn more productive and earn more money. But how do you know that you require good time management practices. Probably you are on the right lines or right tract. Here is how you can tell good management from bad management.

If you don’t sleep

This is an indication of bad time management. Your sleeplessness might be due to several reasons along with sacrificing your eight hours of sleep depending on your work. Sleeplessness affects your productivity as well as health. But you will be prone to distraction and poor choices. Sleeping for seven to eight hours a day is also a part of good time management.


If you can’ seem to get any thing done

Frantic running about like a chicken with its head cut off cannot be called a good time management. The number of tasks you are juggling with is not at al important. How many tasks you accomplish is very significant. A good time management entails the breaking down of a large task in to small bits. By managing the smaller tasks you can gradually complete the task on time.


If you can’t say no

As described above good time management consists in accomplishing tasks. But the irony is that you cannot accomplish and you only work against yourself if don’t say “No”. Heavens will not fall on you or lightning strike you if you refuse an assignment or a new task. Don’t think that you are offending others by saying no or refusing to take up the assignment. You don’t do any favor to others by taking up a task that you cannot do competently in your busy schedule.


Use your common sense in refusing or saying no to tasks. When you have no choice in doing a job, and cannot say no do not accept any task from friends, family members or organizations. Do not commit yourself. Though it is depressing, you should not think of pleasing all which is impossible. This can not be called good time management for your work or private and personal life.


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