How to Devise A Perfect Time Management Plan

The wonderful time management plan and its success component which is reliable makes people look for it and set up a schedule beneficial for them greatly. This may present some dilemma. It is not every one who is an experienced job performance coach. The average person is unfamiliar with the complexities required for preparing a solid time management plan. But the question is whether time management plan is complex. This is only a myth and misconception as time management is often very easy and simple and does not contain much complexity.

Simple work

Don’t assume that time management plan should be grand and detailed. There is no necessity for a “magical” or profound schedule to buck up your time management situation. At time, very small and minor moves form the center of the powerful and helpful time management plan. A change of one hour a day can bring about huge results. Let us see how the minor manipulation of one hour of a schedule can lead to major time management gains.


A different perspective

Suppose a student studying Math for an hour a week does not find any improvement, he now reads for two hours a week but his understanding of math does not improve his test scores also does not improve, the student becomes tremendously despondent and frustrated. This is only a time management problem not of volume. In other words time management plan properly does not mean merely an increase in hours of study of the subject. It requires changing the schedule a bit.


The student has blocked 7 pm on Sunday night for study. The student wants to jump on the school week and Sunday night would be helpful. But this is only a poor slot for him. On Friday nights he goes out with his friends. On Saturday he plays soccer all through the morning with a league. On Sunday he attends church and meets and receives relative. By 7pm on Sunday he is so tired and is in need of bed not study.


Realizing this, the student changes the math study hour to Wednesday as he has easy classes and no extra curricular activities on that day. This minor change in his time management schedule improved his math test scores dramatically to his and others’ surprise.


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