How To Develop Good Time Management Skills

Our daily hectic schedule starts from waking up in the morning, bathing, feeding ourselves and our children, looking after them, send them to school and then go to our work. Our hectic life starts then. We way have to call our clients or meet them, prepare reports, clean our plates. We are total exhausted by the time we return home.

Still we have to go with friends and do this and that which is too much. Who has energy to do this and still succeed in work? The answer is develop good time management skills involving preparation of priority lists, attending to the most important things first and discarding all unimportant things. Every one’s list is different and you should prioritize and discard or add according to their importance.


Home life

You time management skills lists should include your home life items like bathing, feeding yourself and others, cleaning the house fixing the gutters, mowing the lawn etc. Certain things in the list need not be done today but once or twice a month. By listing your home life duties you are free from stress as every thing is scheduled in the list and it will not be over whelming. This is the secret of developing good time management skills.


Work life

Your work life should be very significant to you as it entails your earnings to keep both ends meet, to build a house for yourself, to buy a car to go to office and return and achieve success in life. By scheduling your work life you develop a good part of time management skills.


Prioritize your work schedule and see you are above and beyond your duties. By doing so you are recognized by your bosses and promotions and risings come your way deservedly. Good time management skills will be calmer as against stressed coworkers. In short you will stand out and arrest others attention as a very valuable employee.


Social life

Developing good time management skills includes your social life also. If you just work and return home you will be bored and turn crazy. Schedule your time with guys or girls and go out once or twice a week or whenever time permits you. That way you can balance your way of life perfectly and lead a happier and less stressful life.


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