Gaining some knowledge on information management definition

A simple search for the information management definition in the internet using a good search engine is sure to throw you some light on this term. If you have reached the right web page on information management you would come to know that information management is about handling the information the right way and passing it on the right person at the right time and ensuring that the information that is received is the right one. Is that right? Of course it has to be.

Information in the enterprises is received from various sources. Hence there comes a necessity to evaluate the information and ensure that it is the right information that is coming from the right source. Once this is ensured, then the process of storing it to the right database comes. After storing it to the database, anybody requesting that information through one of the management information system would get it in the format they want.


Every big organization would be having information managers whose role is to ensure that the right person receives the right information at the right time. This is necessary to keep the business up and running competitively. To handle the information that comes in different types of management information systems and technologies are used. Without the usage of such management information systems it would be a tedious task for the top management to get some useful information from the database.


Information management systems are of many types like, financial information management, marketing information management, human resource information management, manufacturing information management and so on. In an ERP, these modules might be integrated into one system and the corresponding departments will be authenticated to use their concerned module only. Without proper systems for information management it is not possible to expedite the return on investment in any organization. Once the information in stored properly, taking reports in different formats for different business scenario is a breeze.

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