Some free open source document management system

Open source document management systems are the one that you can go for if you need try the document management system in your organization. With the Open source document management system you can modify the code to your requirements if needed and you can also add functionalities to it based on your business model. There are many Open source document management systems that you can find in the web. A simple search for that term would give you many such systems.

One of the Open source document management system is OpenDocMan. This is a free Open source document management system. Automated installation available in this system makes it easy for any layman to install that software. Even upgrades are automated. You get good control of the access to the documents you store with this system and it is also web based. This feature allows you to access your system from anywhere in the world. This system supports many file types that you come across for any business needs. This software allows you to concentrate on your business and it takes care of the document management.


Another Open source document management system is Xinco DMS. This software uses a client server architecture. Once you set up the server and the client you can access the system from anywhere in the world. You also get a XincoExplorer which acts as the client to access the server repository. All the features needed for a document management system are available in the xinco DMS. You need Java Runtime Environment installed for using this software.


Alfresco and Epiware are the other two open source document management system that you can rely upon. Alfresco is a definite alternative for enterprise content management. Similarly Epiware is also an alternative to the existing commercial enterprise content management systems. You can try these open source document management systems instead of going for the costlier commercial systems.

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