Why web based change management software is more useful?

Change management is a tedious process where lots of documentation is involved if done manually. Change management software should ease this process drastically enabling the user to do the tasks easily and to manage the documents and the communications made. Document preparation, Spreadsheets preparation, reports preparation, emailing, and data updates are done regularly and this would tedious if done manually. There comes the change management software for easing this process.

The key benefits of the change management software are the process is very controlled and you can follow the flow of the tasks. Coordination of the tasks is there in it. The change requests are monitored and can be approved easily. The risks associated due to the requested change are calculated easily. A module to calculate the risk is also needed in this software. The Key Process Information is accessed easily. The relationships between successive change requests are also maintained.


A particular change would affect certain departments and teams. It is necessary to send emails to the respective members on the proposed changed and alert them. This is done automatically by the change management software when it is configured for such actions. Once the change process is progressing the respective members are notified automatically about the progress in the change process. Messages can be sent in html or plain text.


Web based change management software is more useful than the desktop version as this can be used from any location in the world using just the browser. The change management software should compatible with any type of database like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and others. The change management software should be customizable to meet the requirements of the client without much programming. Scalability is another factor that we cannot ignore. This software should be capable of using in different time zones. Reports should be generated in different formats.

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