Risk Management Document - Understanding WinOcular Feature

Risk management is a tedious task in any organization. Lot of clerical work in involved in processing the risk management documents and tracks the claims, certificates, contracts, lawsuit documents, and other important documents that involves lots of risks. A separate module to handle risk management is necessary in any document management system.

Some of the document management system also has features like this that can be used for risk management. Or you have to find out some software solely for this purpose on managing the risk management records. One such software for Risk Records Management is available with WinOcular.


With this feature in the document management system or with the separate system, each of the records will have an attachment to the scanned documents related to that record. This enables the users to access the scanned documents that are related to the risk management record. With this it is estimated that around 50% of the clerical effort is reduced. Each of the record in the risk management module will have the employee name, claims number, SSN, opening and closing date and links to the images scanned by the document management system. The authority who has verified these is also included in the record so that you know who has processed this record.


While the records are updated in the risk management system, keywords that are related to the record and the document are also keyed in to the system. This enables the search feature to locate the document faster while a search in done based on the keyword. Features to save the queries are also available in some system so that you can use the same query again instead of selecting the parameters for search again and again.


Access to the system by multiple users is possible with the security feature that is available. Access to certain document by certain users can also be restricted by the administrator. Depending on the access level the users can access only the documents for which they are allowed process. Customization is possible in all the systems to meet your requirements.

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