Do events help in building relationships in an organization?

Giving relationship management a proactive feel : Sony and Aiwa offered free service camps for their music systems and other products. Similarly, free services camps for Maruti and Daewoo car owners’ have also been held. Events such as these helps in not only building up a rapport with customers, but also help in reducing the cognitive dissonance, which is very common in purchase of such type of products. This type of relationship very proactive in nature because many studies have proved that reduced cognitive dissonance leads to the repeat purchase of the brand.

Creating a forum for bring together key corporate influencers, decision makers and businessmen: To bring the most brilliant of technicians to the doorsteps was the main objective of the forum which was organized by one of the leading organization which was spread over a few months. It also sought to demonstrate to these key people, IBM’s clear leadership in the areas of PC product solutions, servers, industry – specific a platform presentation and discussions on packages both international such as CATIA (a CAD – CAM products) and those developed by TATA IBM’s software partners in India,


Creating Opportunities for Better Deals with Different Media:

A single sponsor may find it difficult to network with the different media. Various professional event organizers keep in touch with media components daily as the volume of business generated by just one firm which sponsors the event, may not be profitable enough for that particular media to offer room for negotiation. . This enables negotiations by event organizers to be more fruitful than when an individual company negotiates with the media. Negotiations could be in terms of rates offered free in relation with the sponsorship amount. While on television and radio, free commercial times are bartered by the event organizer, in the print media, advertising space can be bartered. This may not be possible for individual clients.


Events and Economy

Over and above the marketing angle, the economic benefits to the region hosting the event are also a positive aspect. Various developing countries should be concentrating on various other aspects apart from investing in information technology only but to other communication infrastructure to be ready in this millennium to host similar mega events. The singular importance of mega events in driving an economy in to a growth phase has already been emphasized earlier. In the future though, events will be in a position to fulfill the marketing needs as compared to other tools . Experts have cited reasons for the advent of events as a major marketing tool.


Problems Associated with Traditional Media

The problems associated with traditional media which is primarily used for satisfying the market requirements are discussed below:


· Too many advertisements have led to a cluttering on TV, print and other media. This has given rise to a need for avenues which provide exclusivity to the sponsor while not sacrificing the benefits of reach and impact.

· The increasing number of TV channels and the greater number of programmer have led to fragmentation of the viewer ship. Hence, the need for narrowcasting of campaigns to the sharply defined target audience.

· Proliferation of low intensity television viewers who view a little of each channel leads to the need for capturing the full attention of the target audience.

· Media coat inflation, Due to rising inflation which has been eroding the advertising budgets; advertisers are demanding the best returns from every ad-rupee spent. Media planning has become more complex and therefore the need for increased effectiveness in terms of tangible impact which can be instantly evaluated has risen.

· Proliferation of various media channels, therefore the requirement for intelligent media buying.


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