Effective process for management of change

Resistance to change in the process or any feature is what is faced by most of the companies when they attempt to make some change to the existing process. It is a tedious task and takes time for the changes to take place. The main reason for this is the lack of awareness among the users about the changes, and fear of loss of responsibilities. The resistance to the changes can be overcome by creating awareness about the impending changes.

Change management itself is a process and management of change is not an easy task. Management of change takes its own time unless you are having a process in place to make the changes. The first step in the management of change is to create a document with the necessary changes that are to be made, the impact of the changes on different departments and processes. This document is approved by the top officials to be circulated among the various departments and the opinion of these departments is got.


Each of the department will review the change management document created and evaluate the effect of the change to be made on their department. If any there is any discrepancy in the views expressed, they might raise that issue with the management request to add or delete or edit the document accordingly. Once the opinions of all the departments are got, the final document is reviewed and sent to the top management for final approval.


Once approved the changes to the features in the process are changed and the quality department would test the changes made. Then the changes go live after the approval of the quality assurance team. The process is followed after the changes made and the feedback is got for further optimization and improvement.

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