Document management tools to improve your productivity

Not many people make use of the digital tools that are available to improve their productivity. Most of the people are unaware that such tools exist to improve their productivity in their work place and even at home.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the tools that are used to read the PDF documents. If you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat you can print any document to the PDF format. You can even print the interesting articles found in the web, which is related to your profession, in to the PDF format so that you can refer to them later when needed. With this software you can even password protect your document so that other users with whom you share cannot alter the content of your work. This is more useful for the researchers.


To reduce the paper documents in your office or even at home you can use a good scanner that can even scan both sides of the paper on a single go. With such scanners you can scan the paper documents, bills, etc., and store them in digital format in your computer, so that you can search them and retrieve them easily.


Install a desktop search engine that is available for free in your system. You can search any document within seconds. No need to remember the names of the files and the folders in which you have stored them.


Good screen capture software, might also be needed in case you want to capture the screenshots of some of the images, or tables that you find while browsing. There are many such screen capture software that you can use.

Document management tools like eCopy Desktop and Knorg can also be used to manage the documents. With such software you can organize the documents properly so that you can retrieve them when needed. Rules to categorize the documents can be set so that they are categorized automatically.

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