Different components of a data management process

The data management process is important to any company whether it is a private, public or a non-profit organization. There are different components of a data management process that you should know before you ever attempt to implement a data management system in your organization.

Storage is an important aspect of data management. The data that is available and that is got from the customers or your business transaction should be processed and stored in a database or a server. The server that stores that data is important. You should know that cost involved in storing a Giga byte of data in it. The configuration of the storage device should be estimated according to your data processing needs.


The location of the storage devices is also important. It could be in your local area network or wide area network. The physical location could be in your premises or in a web farm so that it can be managed even remotely.

In identifying the data that is stored, you need to define what type of data is stored in your server. It could be personal data of your customers, or data that pertains to your business, or employee data. Each of these data would have different clauses of policies with respect to data access and modification.


The period for which the data is to be retained in the server should also be defined. Policies pertaining to these should be clear and should be communicated to the staffs who handle that data. Not all data should be accessed by all the personnel. Different levels of authorization should be available. Data should be well protected from unauthorized access. If necessary after a certain period that data can be moved to a warehousing server. Data that are found inactive for a certain period should be moved out of the active server.


Managing the core data management system, which manages all these processes, is also important. There are many vendors who would do the maintenance of the system and upgrade the application when a new version is released. Before buying any such data management system you need to check out if free upgrade to the latest version is available.

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