Planning To Hire A Debt Settlement Lawyer?

One who eliminates your debt or reduces it by counseling and other methods is called a debt settlement lawyer or attorney. Some times he persuades you to file for bankruptcy. But generally he works with your creditors a percentage of your debt as a final payment.

The debt settlement lawyer can workout a better deal with a creditor than what you can do yourself this is to your advantage since your direct meeting with the creditor may result in paying off 75% of your debt. With and experienced lawyer it can be down to 60%.


The best working conditions for debt settlement lawyers are the following.


The debt is important

He is not cheap to engage. The fees range from $500 to $1000. Fro your $1000 debt, he gets it reduced to $600 and charges another $600 for his work. Thus for a debt of $1000 you pay $2100 which is more than you would have paid the creditor. You would have paid even less if you had directly dealt with the creditor.


Engage a debt settlement lawyer if you owe several thousand dollars and not when you owe a smaller amount when you can work with the creditor on your own.


Unsecured Debt

Secured debt has a collateral property like a home or car which can be repossessed if you don’t repay the loan. Unsecured loans include medical bills, credit card debts, back child support, back tax payments, student loans etc. Creditors can go aggressive to collect these loans but give up as it takes too much of their energy and time. A debt settlement layer gains more benefit if he intervenes in an unsecured loan on secured loans creditors don’t hesitate to come and take the property.


No Time Crunch

Debt settlement takes time and negotiation. A fixed time or date generally weakens the debt settlement layer’s bargaining position significantly. Though a big and costly decision, a right lawyer at the right time relieves you of the stress of unpaid debt.


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