List Of Debt Consolidation Plan Mistakes People Commit

Deciding to liquidate debt totally is an admirable and right decision because debt really runs down people. People are robbed of their peace of mind. Debt consolidation is the panacea and the starting point for reducing debt.It is not a final step as the customer still has to pay off everything. It is a lower monthly bill and the customer has more money that there was before.

It also helps rebuilding credit to pay only once for all the bills in a lump is really great and desirable.
The best way of consolidating a debt and the easiest way is to offer the customer’s house as collateral. Easily done, this will give most house owners some breathing time not known or felt before. Terms, conditions and interest rates have to be agreed upon as usual. There will be some haggling regarding interest rates by most financial leaders.


The amount of loan depends upon the totality of all debts and the amount of equity in the customer’s house lenders offer 80% of one’s house value because banks do not want people to default. This secures equity in the home even after the loan.


Debt Consolidation Mistakes

A house owner should clearly understand all the specific details of the loan. A few lenders require an extra payment of they refinance before a certain number of years. A few lenders allow a debt consolidation loan of up to 125 percent which makes your house equity negative by 25 percent. In case the customer wants to move they will not be able to sell their own home. This type of consolidation is not recommended. The best thing is to pay down the debt to regain equity in the house.


But equity in a house should not be used over and over. The customer should think of his children and what he is going to bequeath to them. A hefty amount of consolidation debt may result in his children having to pay off the loans against the house. Otherwise it is difficult to retain the house and there will be no cash for the next generation.

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