Understanding Data Storage Management

While it is not difficult to store computer data not taking a lot of space, data storage management is a real challenge beyond its storage. Information is the most valuable part of business and identifying right company or the person to manage your data storage is more challenging and critical.It is important to decide where to store and how to store the information as well as the person to access the information. You have to trust some one with your data storage management irrespective of the sensitivity of the data stored as you may have to recover some part of it at some time or other.

The best thing will be to keep the base information, daily information, and securely stored information in different places with different people to supervise each phase.
System administrators have access to everything but for storage of critical information, the data storage manager should alone be allowed to access it. This will prevent any data loss and protect the administrator.


Access to the owner

Allow the owner of the business and an extra person to have access by a secret code like thing. The code can be written, sealed in an envelope and placed in a bank storage box or safe. If anything happens to both, some one else will get the code and access the information. This variety of data storage management is needed only for confidential business information but not for operating processes.You should decide which information is confidential and which can be accessed in a relaxed way.


Don’t undermine the authority of the person once you place him in charge of data storage management. Once you make him accountable for maintaining classified records let him be responsible.The person, sometimes may have to leave the area of the information is stored offsite. Remote access is possible but a physical visit is necessary if it is offsite. The man in charge should be trust worthy and dedicated on whom you can depend for your business information and files.

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