Data Collection Methods Guideline

Searching on a subject following its ethics can always provide proper and good information in business, science and education. When the research is not done with proper moral values it is a total waste of time and money. Useful methods should be used to collect information on data collection to get a correct and genuine output.

There have been many guidelines set by many early researchers an now they form the fundamental for new researchers on various data collection strategies. These previously set data collection methods have already proved their efficiency and now help many latest researchers for advance searches on this issue.


There are various authentic data collection methods which many researchers apply while exploring the possible strategies. The main objective of these data collection methods is to put the research tools in order and then to implement them at the right place and right time to collect data. One should be trained about all these data collection methods and learn to structure the whole study material. Some of the data collection methods are in the form of feedback forms, face-to-face interview, annotations, gathering information from the data available and group discussions. However the strategies are not limited to the options listed here and there can even be creative methods added in later researches.


Forms Of Data Collection Methods

Questionnaires can be a good form of data collection and these can be circulated amongst a specific group with the help of postal services, as handouts during a conference or even through electronic media. The questions formed should be drafted in such a way that even a layman is able to respond to the given queries furnishing adequate data being collected. Interviews and face-to-face conversation helps in collecting data for researches and study. People being involved in such interviews are directly or indirectly related to the matter being examined. The questions posed to these people to extract information should also be wisely selected for it should in no way distract them or hurt their feelings.


Making a thorough study and preparing notes to complete the research is another way to analyze useful information. These observations can be effectively accomplished only by trained and authorized people who will know the purpose of the research. The study should be made in such locality that it does complete justice to the research and do not violate any of the rules. Group discussions can be very helpful data collection strategy, especially when the target audience is small and easy to handle.


However you should include only audience that can furnish useful information on the research subject. The earlier data will never go futile and can be helpful to derive more information in the future. Several studies chalk out an objective before starting to collect data and in this quest of finding data they will come across many other effective facts that can give a better picture of the market or the audience, to arrive at a proper conclusion.

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